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Price: 6 EUR/person/night

WMOC camp will be set up on the football playgrounds of the Youth Football Club FK Galaktik. The camp is located in the city part Jazero and is 7 km away from the Event Centre. For traveling within the city it is possible to use a public transport. The camp is fenced and protected by a camera system and will serve only for WMOC participants and WMOC public race – Slovak Karst cup. The camp has a parking lot with a capacity of about 40-50 cars.

There is a small restaurant in the camp, there will be possible to pre-order meals. Breakfast price is up to 3 EUR, dinner price 4,50-5,50 EUR.
There are 2 supermarkets close to the campsite. At a distance of about 2.5 km is a lake with the possibility of swimming and relaxation.


Those who want to book a place for their own caravan can do it in CAMP Košice

It is also possible to book accommodation in a mobile house.