15th of May 2021, WMOC 2023

Dear Orienteering Friends,

the dates for the rescheduled WMOC2020 have been firmly set. WMOC event will be held between 11th and 18th August 2023.
After an enforced year-long break the team of organizers is slowly getting together again to restart the preparation for the event. Our main goal is to make sure the athletes will have not only an enjoyable race experience but also plenty of opportunities for relaxation and leisure activities.
The organizing team heartily welcomes all competitors to WMOC in Kosice and look forward to seeing you in 2023.

13th of August 2020, Training races WMOC 2023, E4 Results

E4 WinSpilts – Results including split times

E4 RouteGadget – Route gadget

12th of August 2020, Training races WMOC 2023, E3 Results

E3 WinSpilts – Results including split times

E3 RouteGadget – Route gadget

10th of August 2020, Training races WMOC 2023, E2 Results

E2 WinSpilts – Results including split times

E2 RouteGadget – Route gadget

9th of August 2020, Training races WMOC 2023, E1 Results

E1 WinSpilts – Results including split times

E1 RouteGadget – Route gadget

6th of August 2020, Training races WMOC 2023, Event details

Event details for the training races are published.

3th of July 2020, Training races WMOC 2023, Invitation

Invitation for the training races is published.

20th of June 2020, Training races

Dear friends,

we hope all of you are in good health after the unexpected restrictions caused by coronavirus pandemic in the
spring months. For quite some time all of us were longing for unlimited running in the forest with a map in hand,
meeting with friends, or an exciting racing atmosphere. It is said, that after the storm the sky is clearest. Therefore,
we believe that after the difficult times we will enjoy the activities of our beautiful sport with even greater joy.

Some of the participants have approached us with a request for training possibilities at the time of the original
WMOC date as they intent to come to Košice for various reasons in any case, if the travel regulations permit to do
so. So we have decided to accommodate their wishes. In the period between 9.-13.8.2020 we will prepare 4
training races with no pre-allocated start times and course closures in late afternoon:

8.9 (Sunday) sprint in Košice
10.8. (Monday) middle? close to Košice
12.-13.8. (Wednesday, Thursday) shortened long in karst terrains of the Slovak Karst close to Rožňava (Plešivecká
plateau, alt. Silická plateau)

Slovakia is one of the safest countries in the world in the fight with Covid-19. As from 1st of July, the organization of
sport events for up to 1 000 participants will be allowed in compliance with hygiene recommendations. Of course,
we will continue to monitor the situation closely, drawing your attention to possible changes that could arise as a
result of the current rules.
More information will be published by June the 30th 2020 and will be continuously updated.

Have a nice summer time.

17th of April 2020, Return Policy for Entry fees, SI hire, Parking and Transport WMOC2020

Dear orienteering friends,

after an unexpected cancellation of the WMOC2020 event, we had to face a difficult task to refund those participants who had already entered the event and paid the fees. That put us in a difficult situation, since significant financial resources had already been spent on the event organisation. In view of the circumstances, we have tried to come up with the most appropriate solution that would be fair for both sides. We would truly appreciate your kind understanding in this matter.

The return policy has been established in accordance with Rule 7.9 of the current IOF Competition Rules.

“7.9 If the event (or part of the event) has to be cancelled due to reasons outside of the organiser’s
control e.g. weather conditions, destruction of terrain, the organiser may retain a minimum proportion of
the entry fee in order to cover committed costs.”

Based on this, and in conjunction with the IOF, we have agreed the following policy:

Fee Return Policy

Entry fee

  • We will deduct 30EUR from each entry fee and the remaining amount will be transferred by 31 st May 2020 to the same account that it was originally paid from. This remaining sum may be subsequently subject to administration charges of relevant banks and the Paypal payment processor.
  • As a reimbursement for the deduction, a 30EUR discount will be offered to those participants who re-enter WMOC 2023.

Fees for SI hire, parking and transport

  • Full refund will be given along with entry fee refund.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you in 2023. We wish only the best to you and your families and a speedy return to normality so you can all compete again as soon as possible.

9th of April 2020, Postponed World Masters Orienteering Championships in Slovakia will take place in 2023

Last weekend the IOF Council at its meeting discussed the fate of future IOF events affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. It was decided that if the World Masters Games (WMG) in Japan (which includes WMOC) takes place in 2021, then the postponed WMOC 2020 would be offered a 2023 slot. In the meantime, the WMG organisers have recently confirmed that their event will go ahead as planned, so we are pleased to announce that the WMOC in Slovakia will now take place in 2023.

Many athletes expressed great interest in this year’s event and were really looking forward to roaming our woods. There is no need to despair though. Terrains won’t go anywhere and the organisation team is ready to deliver a high-quality event in three years’ time. Even though it is a very long time till then, we strongly believe that it will be worth waiting for.

Currently, we are assessing the best way to refund runners who have already entered the 2020 event. The terms of financial settlement will be published in the upcoming days.

27th of March 2020, No World Masters Orienteering Championships in Slovakia in 2020

Dear sports friends,
In recent days we have had to make the most difficult decision yet regarding organization of the Orienteering Masters community’s biggest festival. Unfortunately, the spread of the coronavirus pandemic has not yet been stopped. Expert opinions convinced us that ensuring the health of WMOC participants, which is our priority, is an unmanageable task for the organizational team. Therefore, in agreement with the IOF, WMOC 2020 is rescheduled to an unspecified date.

We are in negotiations with the IOF regarding the organization of the championship in Slovakia in any of the following years. We are also in consultation with the IOF about the financial settlements for registered participants.We will inform you of the new date as well as the terms of the financial settlement as soon as possible. Please be patient and indulgent in this difficult situation.

Let us wish you good health and express our support to everyone affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in any way. And also to express our belief that we will all gladly meet when the WMOC in Slovakia returns.

15th of March 2020, COVID-19

With the news of COVID-19 virus spreading, we would like to express that the wellbeing of all attending is our priority.
We are closely monitoring the spread development of COVID-19 and noting the advice of our government and World Health Organization. All decisions about the future of the event will be coordinated with the IOF and relevant health organizations. At the moment the preparations for the event are still ongoing continually and the event will go ahead as planned. We will keep you informed about new decisions as the situation evolves.

21st of December 2019, Patronages & Ambassadors

WMOC 2020 will be one of the major international sporting event not only in Košice but also in Košice Region and Slovakia respectively. We are delighted and proud to announce that, all of the events will be held under the patronage of prominent local people along with the famous sports ambassadors.  Read more >>

4th of October 2019, Volunteers

Registration of the volunteers is open.

1st of October 2019, Accommodation

Booking of the rooms at a student dormitory is available.

1st of June 2019, Registration 

Registration via IOF Eventor is open.

 1st of June 2019, Daily transport

The prices of a daily transport

Model Forest Qualification and Middle Final 8 Eur
Forest Qualification 7 Eur
Middle Final 13 Eur
Model Long Final 20 Eur
Long Final 20 Eur

Daily transport tickets can be purchased via IOF Eventor