2nd of February 2023, Bulletin 1 update

We have made a number of small modifications in Bulletin 1. Changes are marked up with UPDATED! indicator.

10th of January 2023, The first entry deadline is extended!

For a technical reason – non-functionality of a card payment, we are extending the first entry deadline to 15th of January, 2023.

4th of January 2023, Update about payment by a credit card

We apologize to all competitors who need to pay the entry fee by credit card.
We are waiting for one more update in Eventor, but due to the holiday season, we may have to wait until next week.
Of course, if necessary, we will extend the first entry deadline so that you can pay your entry fees without rushing.

21st of December 2022, Christmas time

Wishing all of you a joyous and peaceful holidays spent with your families and loved ones. Have a phenomenal Christmas and Happy New Year ahead!

15th of December 2022, Payment by a card

Information for the competitors with the high bank transfer fees. Payment by a card will be possible from 1st of January 2023. Due to the higher fees of card payments, we kindly ask all competitors to use a bank transfer as the preferred method.

14th of December 2022, Published Bulletin 1 for the Public race of WMOC 2023

Bulletin 1.

28th of October 2022, Booking system

Booking system for accommodation in student dormitories and on hard floor is active.
More information on Student dormitory, Hard floor, Camp and Caravans page.

1st of July 2022, Prices of Daily transport and parking

More information on Transport and parking page.

1st of May 2022, Entries are opened 

More information on Registration page.

3rd of March 2022, Web and Bulletin 1

WMOC 2023 web is active. Bulletin 1 is published.

15th of May 2021, WMOC 2023

Dear Orienteering Friends,

the dates for the rescheduled WMOC2020 have been firmly set. WMOC event will be held between 11th and 18th August 2023.
After an enforced year-long break the team of organizers is slowly getting together again to restart the preparation for the event. Our main goal is to make sure the athletes will have not only an enjoyable race experience but also plenty of opportunities for relaxation and leisure activities.
The organizing team heartily welcomes all competitors to WMOC in Kosice and look forward to seeing you in 2023.