Why to volunteer at WMOC2020?

„Volunteers are not paid – not because they are useless, but because they are priceless.“

So, we need exactly you! You do not need to have a specific education or experience. You can be young*,
older, athlete or non-athlete. All you need is to have the willingness to pitch in and to have a strong desire
to be part of the team. We will allow you to experience the atmosphere of the big sport event, a
multicultural environment, or even make new friendships. Do not hesitate to invest your time for a good
cause and register today! Maybe it will be exactly your idea or helping hand, which will help to solve a difficult situation.

 You can register till 31.3.2020 via Volunteer registration form.

We will try to manage your time in a way that you will have an appropriate amount of duties during the whole championships.

Contract document to download.

Contact: volunteers@wmoc2020.sk

*minimum age 16 years

You can see a list of the already registered volunteers here

What will we arrange for you?

Volunteer working during the whole event

  • 2 T-shirts, vest, WMOC present

  • Participation on afterparty for volunteers

  • Dormitory accomodation (max. 1 day before)

  • Full board − Breakfast, lunch, dinner

  • Paid travel costs:

    • Transport by own car
      • Signed car usage agreement + submission of car technical certificate + filled „Travel bill“ at the end of the event
      • 0,13 € /km (petrol), 0,11 €/km (diesel or LPG)
      • travel radius till 500 km (in the case of longer distance, the price will be calculated for 500 km)
      • efficacy (full car) is required => driver + 3 passengers
      • in the case of less than 4 people/car:
        • driver + 2 passengers: 3/4 travel costs
        • driver + 1 passenger: 2/4 travel costs
        • only driver: 1/4 travel costs
    • Other transportation (train, bus, plane)
      • submit the travel ticket
      • max. compensation = 40,00 EUR

Volunteers working min 2 days max 3 days

  • 1 T-shirt + WMOC present

  • Dormitory accommodation (max. 1 day before)

  • Full board − Breakfast, lunch, dinner


Task Descriptions


Assembling and dismantling of start, checking bib and SI numbers, helping at the control description station, overseeing the clear/check punch, issuing the maps to the competitors…


Operating the refreshment point, directing the competitors after finish, collecting and issuing the maps, displaying the results, helping out at timekeeping, kindergarten, clothes and luggage storage, waste collection…

Arena assembling

Preparation of arena, putting up the tents, assembling finish corridors, tribune, results displays and direction signs, packing the arena, moving and cleaning arenas…

Parking and transport

Preparation of parking spaces, setting direction signs, coordination of parking, assistance at the streets during sprint event, coordination of boarding and getting off the buses…

Event office

(event office will also work at the arenas during the competitions)

Preparation of Event centre, issuing accreditation packets, receiving additional orders, receiving the payments, issuing the payment receipts, displaying the start list, results and information in Event centre, preparation and putting relevant documents into the media folders in Event centre, issuing packets for volunteers, providing information – work at info desk/info tent…


Assistance with accommodation at dormitory, gym, camp