Entries are opened from 1st of May 2022

Entries for WMOC are made via IOF Eventor:
Registration for WMOC 2023

The competitor’s application is valid and his/her name will appear amongst the registered ones only after the entry fee have been paid. It is also necessary to pay ordered services.

Competitors registered for WMOC 2020 have a discount of 30 EUR when entering for WMOC 2023. This amount has been kept in our account after cancelling the organisation of WMOC in 2020 from each competitor. Competitors registered for WMOC 2020 will claim the discount of 30€ as follows:
1. Make a registration with the appropriate entry fee for each entry date (€145, €165, €195)
2. Choose the “Discount for registered in 2020” from the list of additional services

All payments can be made via bank transfer or card payment.

Due to higher fees of card payments, we ask all competitors to use bank transfer as the preferred method.

For registration, you need to have an Eventor account. If you have one, just follow the link and log in.
If you don’t have one, you can create your own account. Follow the link and on the upper right corner you will find:
Create account.

When you register, you will have to choose which races you want to participate in.
You can also order services (Discount for registered in 2020, SIAC cards, Transport, Parking) in Eventor.

Registration guides are available on IOF web page

If you want to add services:

  • Find your entry.
  • Click on the green mark on the right-hand side (change the entry).
  • On the grey ribbon click the shopping-cart icon and select the desired product and the quantity.
  • An invoice will be issued.

If you have questions or need help please contact us info@wmoc2023.sk.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Statement
Personal data storage

Individuals entering the WMOC 2023 will do so by submitting personal data to the Eventor entry system, which is a platform hosted by IOF. From there, the local organisers will collect the data that are necessary for that individual’s participation in the championships and related activities such as organiser-provided accommodation. The organiser may collect following information about individuals: name, age, club, address, country, email address and others, if they are essential for participating in the event. During the event, newsfeeds start times and results will be published on the internet and may contain individual runners’ name, age class, and home country. The local organisers will not share the participants’ personal data with a third party, will store the data safely on the appropriate media, and will delete files containing personal data as soon as feasible after WMOC is finished. By submitting an entry form for and participating in or attending WMOC and its related activities, including organiser-provided accommodation, the participant / attendant acknowledges the right of the organisers to store personal data until the WMOC is finished. For information on data storage by the IOF, please refer to http://orienteering.org/data-protection-at-the-iof

Photography and filming

Photographs, video and voice recordings will be taken during the WMOC activities predominantly for purposes of publicizing the event in the media, sport promotion and personal use. If anyone has concerns about being photographed, they should raise them directly with the photographer.